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Re-Care Appointments

Re-care appointments are recommended twice a year. These include a cleaning, prophy (polishing), X rays, and a doctor’s exam. Child patients also get fluoride treatments. Each appointment lasts about 45 minutes for an adult, and 30 minutes for a child. A new patient exam for an adult lasts about an hour.

Operative Work

Operative work includes amalgam fillings, which are silver-colored, or white-colored composite fillings. If fillings are necessary, this is noted at your re-care appointment. Once you are given quotes on these 2 fillings, you determine which you prefer, and we schedule your filling appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry covers a broad spectrum of services: mostly centered around improving the appearance of your teeth.  Some examples of which are bleaching (or tooth whitening), porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and many other services which are designed to deliver the smile you have always wanted.

Our Clinic Services


A crown is a restoration that completely covers your entire tooth, usually crowns are the best restoration when a tooth fractures, has decay, or has a large existing fill that cannot be properly filled any longer.


When you have missing teeth and do not want or cannot afford bridges, this is where a partial comes into play. Partials are removable appliances, as opposed to a bridge that is permanently in your mouth.


If you have a single missing tooth or are missing multiple teeth in a row; a bridge can be constructed to much like single crowns to replace the missing teeth by joining crowns from the tooth behind the space to the tooth in front of the space. Just like crowns, the choice of materials from which bridges can be constructed varies depending on the situation.


A full denture is when all the teeth from the upper and lower jaw are missing. Our dentures are made using the time tested program techniques- not like the quick one day service type of denture. This allows the patient to have a greater say in the finished product before the denture is finalized.

Innovative Technology & Professional Dentists

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Teeth Whitening

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Dental Aesthetics